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Recently we have seen a lot of fashion-meets-technology designs. But Louis Vuitton has decided to take a different path with the new releases. They’re mixing the ‘classic art paintings’ from the past with their iconic handbags. These expensive paintings are hanging in famous museums around the world. You must have heard at least one of these names; Leonardo da Vinci, Jean-Honore Fragonard, Peter Paul Rubens, Titian or Van Gogh. As for Leonardo da Vinci, there was even a movie made about him, it’s called The Da Vinci Code.

To create the ‘Masters’ collection, the fashion house collaborated with the artist Jeff Koons. He reproduced the artworks of the old masters and implements them in a new way to a range of Louis Vuitton accessories including handbags.

These painters are called the masters of the masters because their works are now literally priceless. They all have their distinctive way of understanding art and their live has been carefully studied by researches around the world.

The details:

Louis Vuitton Masters Speedy 30 Bag
Size: 11.8’ x 8.3’ x 6.7’ inches
Prices: $2800 USD, €2100 euro, £1960 GBP, $23100 HKD, $3750 AUD, ¥331560 JPY, ¥21400 CNY, $3600 CAD

Louis Vuitton Masters Neverfull MM Bag
Size: 12.6’ x 11.4’ x 6.7’ inches
Prices: $3200 USD, €2400 euro, £2240 GBP, $26400 HKD, $4250 AUD, ¥379080 JPY, ¥24500 CNY $4100 CAD

Louis Vuitton Masters KeepAll 50 Bag
Size: 19.7’ x 11.4’ x 8.7’ inches
Prices: $4000 USD, € 3000 euro, £2800 GBP, $33000 HKD, $5350 AUD, ¥475200 JPY, ¥31000 CNY, $5100 CAD

Louis Vuitton Masters Chain Bag
Size: 10.6’ x 7.9’ x 3.3’ inches
Prices: $3900 USD, €2800 euro, £2600 GBP, $29900 HKD, $4950 AUD, ¥459000 JPY, ¥27800 CNY, $4800 CAD

Louis Vuitton Masters Montaigne MM Bag
Size: 13’ x 9.1’ x 5.9’ inches
Prices: $4000 USD, €3000 euro, £2800 GBP, $33000 HKD, $5350 AUD, ¥475200 JPY, ¥31000 CNY, $5100 CAD

Louis Vuitton Masters Palm Springs Backpack
Size: 7.9’ x 12.2’ x 3.9’ inches
Prices: $3200 USD, €2400 euro, £2240 GBP, $26400 HKD, $4250 AUD, ¥379080 JPY, ¥24500 CNY, $4100 CAD

Louis Vuitton Masters Wallet On Chain
Size: 7.5’ x 4.3’ x 1.2’ inches
Prices: $2650 USD, €1800 euro, £1680 GBP, $21900 HKD, $3200 AUD, ¥297000 JPY, ¥20300 CNY, $3050 CAD

Louis Vuitton Masters Clutch Bag
Size: 10’ x 7.5’ inches
Prices: $1470 USD, €1000 euro, £935 GBP, $12100 HKD, $1780 AUD, ¥165200 JPY, ¥11300 CNY, $1690 CAD

Louis Vuitton Masters Zippy Wallet
Size: 7.7’ x 3.9’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $1770 USD, €1200, £1120 GBP, $14600 HKD, $2140 AUD, ¥199800 JPY, ¥13500 CNY, $2050 CAD

Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa






















Jean-Honore Fragonard: Girl with dog










Peter Paul Rubens: The tiger hunt












Titian: Mars Venus and Cupid





Van Gogh: Wheatfield with Cypresses












Louis Vuitton Iconic Rabbit Charm


Louis Vuitton Iconic Rabbit Charm
Size: 7.5’ x 1.57’ inches
Prices: $585 USD, €395 euro, £370 GBP, $4850 HKD, $700 AUD, ¥65880 JPY, ¥4500 CNY, $675 CAD

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Louis Vuitton is definitely bringing its A Game with its Spring/Summer 2017 Ad Campaign entitled “Series 6.” The campaign features all sorts of ready-to-wear items, handbags, as well as the Petite Malle iPhone case, which are all, inspired by the Parisian culture and is considered to be the soul of the collection.

People have a lot to look forward to with this campaign especially now that it will be releasing the Petite Malle iPhone cases in March 2017. This latest Louis Vuitton phone accessory is a soon-to-be trusted modern version of the French fashion house’s most coveted travel trunks.

The next item that caught our attention and made our hearts skipped a beat is this particular bag right here. What a petite black bag beauty to have, right? This is a Monogram printed bag in black featuring dots and is called a Louis Vuitton Twist Bag. And you might be surprised to know that this is not actually a new bag but the great news is that the print is new! This little bag goes hand in hand with your everyday ensembles since its black color can match any outfit in your wardrobe.











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10 Things You Might Not Know About Louis Vuitton’s Iconic Handbag History

Louis Vuitton News

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Louis Vuitton News

Africa, as the home of modern civilisation, is the inspiration for Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection. It is also a metaphor - of a return to roots, to heritage, to formative influences, to the blueprint. Asserting your identity.
These themes are explored literally and figuratively. Africa is constantly present, a heartbeat under the collection, combined with the rebellion of London Punk and the emblematic savoir-faire of the Maison. By its very nature, the journey between these different destinations and influences evokes the spirit of travel, which is the very essence - the blueprint - of Louis Vuitton.
Africa is evoked through rich, intricate textile treatments, exotic skins, a menagerie of animal prints. In a continuation of his first Louis Vuitton show about his childhood in Kenya and Bostwana, Kim Jones, Men’s Artistic Director revisits Africa today, expressing notions of the safari and the gentleman traveller. The palette is dominated by Savannah-bleached shades; jackets have Saharienne detailing.
“There’s always something a little London hidden somewhere, though. This time it is the influence of Punk - albeit via Africa, where Frank Marshall’s “Renegades” portrait series of Botswana biker gangs in heavy leather depicts the fusion of two disparate aesthetics. Add a third, the French elegance of Louis Vuitton.“ says Kim Jones.

Punk brings edge, transparent rubber, mohair, zips and straps, all infused with African pattern and finished with the Maison’s unique techniques. Louis Vuitton’s second commission with Jake and Dinos Chapman surrenders four prints depicting twisted animals; their veldt is the Vuitton Monogram. Mohair is knitted to imitate animal markings, and zebra patterns are colored in a petroleum blue. Footwear especially draws on Punk themes, parachute straps forming sandal designs and crepe soles added to laced brogues.
There are unexpected connections between these elements. The utilitarian details of Punk tie the movement to Vuitton’s heritage as a trunk-maker, a practical streak; tartan walks hand-in-hand with Maasai checks; the hand crafts of Africa link to French savoir-faire. Textiles are intricately realised: multi-coloured, paper-thin leather is woven like baskets; while a mesh is hand-wrapped with strips of Monogram in a quartet of colours, four Vuitton patterns creating a fifth, the Karakoram design. Exotic skins are vital - connecting Africa to Paris, while the biker jacket evokes Punk. Zips are added to Punk pants; crocodile and ostrich are used for coats and jackets, as well as key Vuitton accessories. They are polymorphs, crossing boundaries and evoking the trio of inspirational starting-points.
The accessories mark a literal return to roots - the origins of the Monogram itself. Two new iterations, the Monogram Savane Ink and Monogram Savane Dune, are based on the blueprints of the toile, trademarked in 1896. The iconic Louis Vuitton Steamer bag, the first soft travel bag, is reinterpreted as a backpack, whilst heritage styles are drawn from the archives like the Randonnée bag, as well as from the leather goods. Original, yet new: all are updated, reinvented, using textiles from the collection to highlight the synergy between clothes and accessories. A series of trunks underscore the themes of the collection, in animal hides and prints or laser-etched with Chapman imagery, like a preparatory drawing for collection’s prints.
Even the Punk’s archetypal dog collar - here the “Baxter” - is a style originating in the Vuitton archives. Its fresh context transforms its perception. That is a summary of the approach of this collection. Travelling back to the blueprint, the essence, using the old to create something new.
About the Chapman brothers
Dinos was born in London in 1962 and Jake Chapman was born in Cheltenham in 1966. They both graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1990 and worked as assistants to Gilbert and George before collaborating in 1992. The Chapmans weave a vast range of associations into their work, using material from all areas of the cultural landscape including philosophical theory, art history and consumer culture. They engage with inflammatory subjects and use subversive strategies to produce works that defiantly refute straightforward interpretation. Celebrated all over the world, the Chapman Brothers were nominated for the Turner Prize in 2003.

The Petite Malle Bag, Dora Bag, City Steamer, Twist Bag, Lockit Bag, Camera Box Bag, The Palm Springs Backpack and prints like the Reversed Monogram, Jungle Dots or the Monogram Chain Flower – we have seen a lot of pretty things since Nicolas Ghesquiere took over.

And so we do have a high expectation for the Spring Summer 2017 Collection and certainly we are not disappointed at all. Let’s cover some important points here…










Most probably inspired by the iconic Trunk, just like the Petite Malle Bag. The first time we saw this beauty, we thought it might be a clutch bag. Small, designed with the classic luggage tag and printed with the Monogram in shiny-effect, this looks like a promising investment.

But by looking further, this is actually a Phone Holder. And what’s even more brilliant is that the luggage tag is used to cover your earphones.

The Phone Holders are available in different designs like the vintage Luggage Trunk looks with black edges, golden hardware and monogram canvas. But they’re available in different colors. So ladies, select your FAVO!



Although its influence today is global, Louis Vuitton remains, above all else, a French house — a fact that we were all reminded of during the label’s Spring/Summer ‘17 show in Paris this week. Held at the future home of the brand’s Place Vendôme flagship, the show looked out onto the storied intersection of that square and Rue Saint-Honoré below, providing the perfect backdrop for what was undoubtedly Nicolas Ghesquière’s most Parisian collection to date. While his Resort ‘17 collection saw him exploring the sporty, seaside culture of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, this season saw a more sophisticated, polished lineup from the designer, who focused more on the cuts and tailoring of his pieces rather than exuberant colors and prints (though there were plenty of those too). To wit, there were grey business-like pantsuits featuring slit skirts, cut-outs along the shoulders and open, capelet backs, as well as several tuxedo jackets with smooth, rounded shoulders. In a continuation of Resort’s daring cut-outs, Ghesquière also sliced a number of his looks, revealing an exposed neckline on a sparkly, sheer blouse, or the bare hipbone on one of his slinky, draped dresses. When not doling out glammed-up pieces for the bourgeois, Ghesquière nodded to the droves of fashionable young girls who have recently found their way into his customer base. For them, Ghesquière provided sweatshirts, graphic logo tees, slit leather skirts and skinny lace pants worn under matching mini skirts. In true Parisian style, theses were pieces that didn’t look like they were trying too hard.

Meanwhile, handbags continue to be a strong point for the French house — a tradition that harkens back to its founding in the 1800s.  In homage to those early days, Ghesquière once again called on the label’s iconic Petite Malle, this time reimagining it as a slim phone case that fit neatly into his models’s hands. For those looking for a little more storage space, there were also plenty of other more spacious styles to choose from including the monogram top-handle totes that featured corset-like leather detailing and funky zippered pouches rendered in a checkerboard pattern not unlike the ones that dominated Marc Jacob’s Spring/Summer ‘12 show for the house.

As for the footwear, Ghesquière’s bright, multi-color alligator and python skin boots proved utterly desirable (they’re high vamps and pointy toes made them both classic and sporty), as did the heeled pumps with their black bondage-style lacing. Like the rest of Ghesquière’s collection, they were the perfect balance of classic and modern intrigue.





Instantly in love when we spotted this fresh shoulder bag. We love the details – so complex yet heavenly! The bag is crafted with a checkered design, the handles are gorgeous and the center is made stunningly with the Classic LV lock. Wow, so what is your wish next year?



We love simplicity and this fits perfectly in that category. You see, this bag is fabulous for numerous of reasons. Some ladies don’t like Monogram Canvas and other busy prints, some like simple design yet timeless.

Simple, but the leather looks smooth and nice. It features long handles and zipper on the front side. Perhaps there is a front pocket or it can be used to expand the bag. But for those that like the Neverfull, but want a minimalistic bag, here it is.

Oh yes, the luggage tags are the finishing touch.


















Introducing the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2017 Runway Bag Collection. Nicolas Ghesquière presented his edgy and sexy collection at the Place Vendôme, instead of the usual Fondation Louis Vuitton during the final day of Paris Fashion Week. The most coveted accessory in the runway was the iPhone case version of the popular Petite Malle bag. The phone cover includes a key ring and was presented in different materials like Monogram Canvas, Monogram Reverse and Crocodile leather. Louis Vuitton introduces a new color for the Damier pattern, which now comes in all Black and Tan. A variety of bags were seen in the runway with rope like handles. The top handle and flap bags with a lock closure has a striking resemblance to the Luna Bag. Tote bags in different shapes, as well as rectangular clutch bags were also featured in the collection.

Today’s Louis Vuitton show took place in the future home of the brand’s Place Vendôme flagship. Scheduled to open in 2017, the new store will combine two buildings, spanning the famous square and the Rue Saint-Honoré. Sitting on the boutique-to-be’s second floor this morning with those monumental views out the windows, there was no escaping the metaphor: As global as its reach is, Louis Vuitton is Paris.

So it was fitting that creative directorNicolas Ghesquière brought his collection home metaphorically, as well. His Cruise offering, presented in Rio de Janeiro last May, was a tribute to that city’s sportif seaside culture—colorful, loaded with print, and beachily body-baring. The orientation of his bold new Louis Vuitton collection is different. While it retained some of the tropes of the previous season—the daring cut-outs in particular—the results were more glam. Call it hot bourgeois. “I realize that I didn’t explore that much yet the sophistication and the more dressed-up part of Louis Vuitton,” he said afterward.

The sophistication he was speaking of comes down to the type of clothing he zeroed in on: tailoring, first and foremost. Ghesquière’s are not suits for office drones; with slices removed from the shoulders and capeleted open backs, they negotiated the territory between practicality and experimentation. As he settles in at Louis Vuitton (today’s venue seemed conceived at least in part to quash the ongoing rumors that he’s on his way out the door), Ghesquière is leaning more toward experimentation, if not the outright high-concept fashion of his earlier days. See the asymmetric draped jersey numbers with the hip and midriff cut-outs, some with 1980s-ish sprinkles of crystals and glitter; see also the series of long, sheer-yet-discreet dresses at the end.

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Cara Delevingne wears asymmetrical dress by Saint Laurent with ruffles

A Thursday morning feast for your eyeballs courtesy of Louis Vuitton’s very first fragrance campaign. Ooh la la. Photographed by the wonderful Patrick Demarchelier (“We have Patrick!”) it apparently captures “radiant, contemporary femininity and renders it sublime.” And doesn’t it just. Our ingenue here is French actress and all round beautiful lady Lea Seydoux, who here frolicks elegantly beneath a waterfall and manages to match a flower with her lippy. Isn’t she clever? Sort of like a classy version of that Herbal Essences ad. Apparently, as the notes tell us, said waterfall is located in South Africa, to which we logically turned to our own resident South African, Mr Garth Spencer. He wasn’t particularly helpful (“my parents might live near there”), but we are now left with a slightly traumatising image of a half-naked young Garth frolicking in the water. “At a glance, one can almost feel the softness of her skin and the dampness of her hair. Her beauty, as radiant as her emotional power, is of astounding simplicity,” says the press release, not about Garth, but Lea because well, isn’t she a beauty? The campaign represents one of the seven fragrances that make up LV’s debut perfume created by Master Perfumer Jacques Belletrud. This one is Rose Des Vents, the others being Turbulences, Dans la Peau, Apogée, Contre Moi, Matière Noire and Mille Feux. Expect more images to emerge over the coming days. Back to Lea: “Louis Vuitton is about travel, but it’s also about dreams. Its spirit blends adventure, discovery and emotion. I am very honored to embody this universe.”

Léa Seydoux Louis Vuitton

Earlier this summer, Louis Vuitton announced that it's getting back into the fragrance business almost a century after its last scent came out. And on Thursday, the brand released an advertising campaign for its new fragrance collection.

Starring actress Léa Seydoux, the campaign was shot by Patrick Demarchelier at Lone Creek Falls in South Africa, WWD reported.

"Louis Vuitton is about travel, but it's also about dreams. Its spirit blends adventure, discovery and emotion," Seydoux said.

Marie-Amélie Sauvé was the campaign stylist, Damien Boissinot was in charge of hair and Christelle Cocquet was the makeup artist. The ads are set to break in the October issue of various magazines and the Sept. 15 editions of daily newspapers throughout the world.

Louis Vuitton's new fragrance offering, called Les Parfums, consists of seven women's scents that were created by in-house master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud.

"I wanted to celebrate women and their universal values — femininity in the world. I think that perfumes have to be back in luxury," Cavallier-Belletrud said at a press launch for the fragrances in Paris.

The fragrances hit 200 Louis Vuitton stores across the globe yesterday, and the brand also has five pop-up stores to promote its return to the perfume business in the works.

"It's really exciting to create a new area of craftsmanship at Louis Vuitton: This launch is a natural progression, given the very long hiatus that followed the launch of our first fragrances in the Twenties," said Michael Burke, chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton

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When you hear about the word Luna, you somehow associate it with the beautiful moon shining over the earth. And owning this Luna Bag from Louis Vuitton on the other hand will make you feel like you’ve been to the moon and back because this is such a gorgeous leather creation.

We’ve featured the Luna Bag before but this time around, we’re going to take a good and closer look at it. First things first, this Louis Vuitton gem of a bag is an indispensable shoulder flap bag that looks good over your casual jeans and shirt combination because it adds a touch of femininity to it.

Now on we go with the essential bag details. A beautiful play between the textured Epi leather flap and smooth cowhide leather body resulted to the creation of the lovely Luna Bag. It has a smooth cowhide leather and sheepskin trim and is accented with silver-coloured metallic pieces.

The chain handle covered in tone-on-tone sheepskin is also another lovely addition to this beautiful charmer! It also features a removable long shoulder or cross body strap which defines luxurious multi-functionality. Its magnetic closure on the other hand provides easy access to it.

Looking inside, this bag has an outside back pocket and an inside double smartphone pocket. Measuring 26 x 20 x 9 (L x H x W) cm.

And oh, we almost forgot to mention that it comes in four different colors: Hot Pink, Rose Ballerine, Coquelicot, and Noir (and more colors are available at the boutique).



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